About our inspection service

AOK Inspection Service (subsidiary company of Shenzhen WeiTuo ChuanXin technology co.,ltd , former name is Shenzhen ZhongTai ChuangXin science and technology Co.,Ltd ) is a leading third party quality control company registered in HongKong and China since 2006 performing on-site Product Inspections and product testing in China for importers worldwide, providing 5 types of on-site Product Inspection Services in China for importers worldwide.                                                                                                  
"As a trusted third-party inspection company, AOK has a sound inspection network covering most major areas of China.  With over 100 university-educated and certified  full time inspectors in factories all over China, dedicated to ensuring product quality and protecting clients investments in a wide product range, all inspectors are trained a minimum of 100 hours per year and managed by both Western and Asian quality control specialists, bridging the language and culture gaps to ensure compliance with international standards.
,In past years, more than 500 importers and buyers all over the world benefited from AOK inspection services. "
Our Inspection approach fuses customer specification and factory performance to give you more relevant insights in order to minimize your risk in importing goods and, ensure goods quality in comply with customer requirement prior to shipment.By inspecting goods could reduce the costs associated with import risks and product recalls when goods arrived at port of discharge but with unacceptable quality.The principle involved in inspection could be the early detection of defects and support of on-time delivery.                                                                                                       

Catering for some customer's demand, with nearly 10 years quality control experiences , AOK obtained a lot of  qualified suppliers database and large sourcing producst range, AOK team hepls more clients find the right products with competitive price, also help clients solve outstanding problems during project processing. Clients are relying on AOK team for long term good partner in China.                                                                                                     
We, here AOK hope that through our inspection services, through every defect we find and correct, by our day-to-day reliability, fairness and hard work, we can attract the attention of manufacturers, buyers and sellers of quality products and make " Your reliant inspection service in China " 
When you need to be confident, AOK is your best solution!                                                                                                    
Choose Us! We are the trusted inspection service !                                                                                                  
You can take us as your EYES in China to minimize risks importing goods