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China Shenzhen Buying agent sourcing agent/ sourcing /inspection service
Sourcing agent, buying agent  , sourcing service agent in Shenzhen,GuangDong province, China:
AOK offers professional Sourcing agent serivce to oversea's customers We deal with mobile & computer accessories and now we expanded veraious kind of product to satisfy customer in difference category, such as consumer electronics , Led lighting, promotion gifts , General merchandises ..etc 
Company Information
Your buying and inspection agent in China
Your office, Your people
Simplying your sourcing business
** AOK main one-Stop buying agent services:
 Just ask us what you need, we'll do it for you!
A . Stock products Sourcing/ Amazon , E-bay on-line B2C Seller Best
business partner 
(General machandises, Household items, Office & stationery , kitchen tools ,toys, mobile phone accessories etc. )
1. Buying and sourcing 
2. inspect & re-packed goods
3. consolidation shipment or drop shipping ,fast delivery 
4. Any tailor-made service(s) based on customer's requirement.
B . OEM & ODM Order (Consumer electronics products , computer & mobile accessories ,Led lighting, promotion gifts etc)

1. Order management and fulfillment
2. Product sourcing
3. Factory Audit, quality control and inspection
4. Shipment and documentation.
5. New products update.
6. Business travel assistance
** AOK main one-Stop buying agent services:
1. Sourcing new suppliers or factories & sampling
2. Management of suppliers in China/Factory audit
3. Price negotiation
4. Order following up
5. Quality control management / inspection goods
6. Delivery support, Arranging shipping (via sea, air and Express)
7. Warehouse storage service, Cargo packing and inspection /Custom declaration
8. Container loading /Consolidation /warehousing
9. Air and Sea Cargo /LCL and FCL shipping / Door to Door Service
10. Organize documents, like packing list, invoice and other custom clearance document
11. After-sales service support
12. Other tailor services may be available upon request
You can save much more if we act as your purchasing agent & buying office in China with our professional services related. You don't have to go to China for business in person, you do not have to set up a purchasing office of your own and you don't even have to employ a buyer at your end! We're your best choice as we are professionals from local markets in China---- the fast-growing manufacturing center (world factory) on the global! Good buying agent service. To save your time, save your money with a concept of happy business.
We have been a buying office or purchasing agent for many companies in China, any reference can be available upon request.
**AOK is a local Expert to help you in every way possible!
Business trip assistant service:
1.  Airport picking up and dropping off / Renting Car / Hotel booking
2. Interpreter / Translation / Assistant /Meeting Arrangement/ Business negotiation
    ( for your exhibition, meeting, market research)
3. Customized Market Research / Tailor-made Business Plan
4. Information Consultant / Sourcing new product or supplier
5. Purchasing and payment on behalf
6. Shipping arrangement
7. Personal tour guide / Entertainment
**AOK clients & friends:
Meeting with USA client (Mr. Steven from Mobile defense inc.)
Meeting with Swizerland client Mr. Jean Mark and Daniel (Company name GFK Swizerland AG)
With Mexico client Deneb.Jalpa at China HI-TECH FAIR

** AOK -- Your office, Your people !     Link you and China manufacturer !
Who are we ?
AOK sourcing solutions is a full service sourcing, trading and inspection company, provide professional one stop buying agent service to overseas customer, was established on 2006 in Shenzhen ,China .
We deal with Mobile phone & computer accessories ,bluetooth speaker , Earphone and headphone , Power bank etc.  now we expanded various kind of product to satisfy customer in difference category,such as consumer electronics, Led lighting , kitchenware ,general merchandise ,promotion gifts products etc.
AOK people's local knowledge and expertise enable us to provide professional services , such as manufacturer sourcing , products sourcing , products R&D , project management and logistic service in
China , we can be on behalf your workers to source new products, deal with purchasing business and inspect your goods , operating as an extension of your procurement team in China , to reduce your business risks and lower cost ,which make us a valuable partner for the long term . Till now, we are proud of that AOK has attained a high reputation for its service quality and customer satisfaction.
Customer it's first. Our ultimate goal is provide high quality, safety quality management system, satisfaction service, customer and us who want to get what we are needed, to create the mutually beneficial partnerships with the customers.
If you are looking for an active partner in China, who will truly look out for your business interests, please feel free to contact us at any time for details.

** AOK's advantages:
1. All-sided and easy-going touch service. We care not only your business partners, but also your friends in China.
2. With many years of sourcing agent service experience in every city in ShenZhen, China and professional in these lines, we      
    can give you the best service and can save much of your purchasing time in China.
3. ONE STOP logistics service from Shenzhen/Hongkong port to all over the world with most competitive sea freight/air freight.
4. Well-established relationship with customs makes sure smooth customs clearance.
5. 7 working days during your trip in China.
 Choose AOK , Choose best sourcing solution!