Drop shipping

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We know what you want for doing business in China, so we have designed many value-added services to help you success in China, to share the China's fast-growing economy.
Drop shipping is a supply chain management technique in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock, but instead transfers customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.
As a retailer or eCommerce website shop, we know many products come from China , so you can ask the China suppliers ship your customer orders to your customer directly. But be careful, you are losing customer since the supplier know your customer and your customer know the supplier, then your customer will buy from the supplier directly, or supplier sell to your customer directly, no any more business for you!
Our Drop Shipping services (DS) is designed for you to save international shipping cost greatly and to protect your Precious customer resources. You can ask your China suppliers ship your customer's order to us; we check the goods quantity and packing intact, then ship it to your worldwide customers. All shipments come to your customers directly from China to worldwide to cut costs and make your business model more reliable and more profitable. Our solution is better than shipping from your China supplier to your customers directly since it is NOT wise to let China suppliers know your customers.

Let's compare the 3 shipping models: the traditional shipping model (Model-1: Order from China and ship to your country, then ship from your country to your worldwide customers), traditional drop shipping model (Model-2: Order from China; ask supplier ship to your worldwide customers), and AOK Drop Shipping model (Model-3: Order from China; ask supplier ship to AOK, AOK ship to your worldwide customers):
Shipping Model Model-1 Model-2 Model-3
Shipping route supplier-you-customer supplier - customer supplier-AOK-customer
Save shipping cost No Yes Yes, save more
Fast shipping No Yes Yes
Warehouse fee High No No
Customer resource protection Yes No Yes
Check before shipping Yes No Yes
Order consolidation Yes No, the customer's orders from different suppliers Yes, we repack all the orders into one box to your customer
Shipping tracking Yes No Yes, you control the shipping online and integrate into your system
DS Services Fee(Not including the shipping cost):
* Premium Membership: USD198/per year

For example, your customer-1 brought 3 goods from your website, your customer-2 brought 2 goods from your website, then you notice your 3 China supplier ship the goods to AOK, AOK will check the goods and can pay to suppliers on behalf of you after we checked the goods. AOK will mix goods A from supplier A, goods B from supplier B and goods C from supplier C to one big box to ship to your customer-1 using your chosen way (Express or Post).