Shipping Mix

AOK is the first mail forwarding and package forwarding services provider in China. We bring you closer to China, and help you do business in China very smoothly and safely.

We know what you want for doing business in China, so we have designed many value-added services to help you success in China, to share the China's fast-growing economy.
Shipping Mix services (SM) is for AOK members only. It is designed for your small volume order, you can order small quantity from many suppliers, all ship to your China mailing address, then we mix these orders to one container, we can book the container form ocean carrier for you, and arrange the truck to port, custom claim etc. services. And we also accept the goods shipping by sea that less than one container.
You can also use our Shipping Mix services for air parcel shipping that we can receive your orders from different supplier, repack into one big package for air parcel shipping.
Shipping Mix Services Fee(Not including the shipping cost and third party fee):
* Premium Membership: inquiry